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Liv Conlon, Founder of ThePropertyStagers: Stay in one lane

Liv Conlon, Founder of ThePropertyStagers: Stay in one lane

Monday, 08 April 2019

Liv Conlon, left school at 16 after years of being bullied.


Despite having the grades to do whatever she wanted at university Liv decided to start her property staging business.


Now 20, ThePropertyStagers is a multi-award winning company that furnishes over 300 properties per year with a team of 10, including both Liv’s mum and brother.

Beyond continued business growth the remarkable Liv’s goal is simple – to furnish her generation with the message that there are alternatives to the cookie cutter traditional academic route and champion the notion of profit with purpose.


“The moment I heard about the programme I knew it was the perfect platform for me to support other young females thinking of entering into the world of entrepreneurship. Having a business has completely changed my life & given me unbelievable confidence, and being able to support someone else similar to me on their journey is incredible.”


Liv’s Top Tips


  • Speak to everyone. Tell everyone you meet what you are doing, you have no clue who anyone knows & who they can put you in contact with.


  • The hardest part of running a business is wearing all of the different hats that your business demands. You have to be the sales person, the marketer, the manager, the accountant & often the person who carries out the service also. When you start to leverage other people’s time, this is when it becomes a little bit easier but then you have to find the right team & that will soon become your biggest challenge.


  • Stay in the one lane & don’t watch what anyone else is doing. I have stuck by it, which is why I think the business has been so successful. It’s really tempting to jump into the “next big thing” but by focusing on our niche I have built a business so successful that our biggest competitors have


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