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Suzanne Brock, Founder of Nutriment: Find Ways To Look Outside Your Business

Suzanne Brock, Founder of Nutriment: Find Ways To Look Outside Your Business

Monday, 20 May 2019

After having run a gamut of careers, ranging from Army Officer to waitress, Suzanne found herself working in the pet food industry. In 2013 following a change in the management and ethos of the company she was working for, Suzanne quit and decided to set up on her own to produce a better product and create a company with passion for both staff and customers. The result was the multi award-winning Nutriment Ltd, making the very best Raw dog food on the market. In five years, the company has grown from a standing start to a £8M turnover, shipping over 260 tonnes of dog food per month nationwide.  This year also sees Nutriment starting to export to Europe and beyond.   


I am enormously excited to be representing everywoman in their Ambassador programme.  It will provide vital support to women who are starting their own business or looking to move on to the next level.  Having a pool of experienced women in business to guide, advise, inspire and mentor will be an invaluable resource for so many women.


Suzanne's Top Tips 


Take care of yourself.  I have learnt the hard way that it is not a weakness to make sure you are taking time to exercise, eat properly, sleep properly and see your friends and loved ones.  It is so easy to think the business needs every minute of your attention and get sucked into neglecting your own needs.


Remind yourself daily that you are not an expert in all things.  Listen to your staff and their thoughts and experiences.  Listen to your customers and their feedback.  Employ people who fill in the gaps in your knowledge and abilities!


Find ways to look outside your business.  This will keep you in touch with the wider business world, help you meet others who can offer help, support or friendship.  Being the boss can be very isolating and by networking or becoming involved in local business or charity groups you will find it can be really rewarding and gives you a constant source of fresh perspectives.


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